Environmental problems are important issues that are shared by people all over the world, and companies’ efforts to reduce their environmental impact have influenced the quality of management and, in turn, the evaluation of their products.
Nakanishi has been working on environmental issues from early on, and in January 1999, acquired ISO 14001 certification, a global standard for environmental management systems.
In all of our corporate activities, including the development, design, manufacture, sale, and service of dental and other ultra high-speed rotary products, we will implement the following environmental activities with the aim of reducing the environmental impact for the future global environment, harmonizing with nature, and creating a healthy and prosperous society as the basis of our management.

Continuous improvement of pollution prevention, energy conservation, and resource saving
  • ・Recognizing that the earth’s resources are finite, we are actively developing environmental measures to promote the effective use of resources in both our business activities and our products and services.
  • ・In order to realize a sustainable society, we are striving to provide value that meets the needs of society, including current environmental issues.
  • ・We are actively introducing renewable energy sources such as solar power. (We have switched 100% of the electricity used at our domestic production sites to renewable energy sources, including solar power, since December 2021.)
  • ・In all of our activities, including design, procurement, manufacturing, sales, and disposal, we are working on measures to reduce our environmental impact, such as addressing climate change, effectively using resources, and managing chemical substances.
  • ・We are working to reduce environmental impact and costs through activities to improve production processes.
Compliance with environmental laws, regulations, other requirements, and voluntary standards
  • ・We regularly monitor wastewater discharged into public waters to ensure that it does not affect the ecosystem, including the habitat of aquatic organisms.
  • ・In accordance with the “Nakanishi Green Procurement Guidelines”, we have set prohibited /controlled substances and restricted the use of hazardous substances.
  • ・We strive to comply with all governmental notifications and applications that are necessary to continue our business.
  • ・We monitor the chemicals we use and the noise from our facilities to ensure that they do not affect our external stakeholders, including our neighbors.
  • ・We monitor and comply with newly enacted and revised environmental laws and regulations in Japan and overseas.
Reduction of the environmental impact in all processes
  • ・We evaluate the impact of our business activities, products and services on the environment, including biodiversity, set environmental targets to reduce the environmental impact, and promote environmental activities by all employees.
  • ・We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services throughout their lifecycles and provide environmentally friendly products and services.
Consideration for the natural environment around the plant
  • ・We are actively communicating with various stakeholders, including local communities and society, to promote environmental activities in cooperation with them.
  • ・In consideration of the impact of deforestation on animals and plants and the living environment of residents, we have set a reduction target for copy paper and are working to reduce the amount used.
  • ・We are actively promoting green spaces and properly managing the plantings on our premises.
  • ・Employees regularly clean the area around the plant and are actively involved in beautification activities around the plant (obtained “Love road Tochigi” certification).