Keiichi Nakanishi founds Nakanishi Manufacturing to produce dental handpieces in Kanda Toshima-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo.
During WW2, all of the manufacturing machines were sold to the Muto Rubber Company in Kanuma, Tochigi to keep them safe.
Nakanishi Manufacturing is reestablished in Kamihinata, Kanuma after buying back the sold equipment from the Muto Rubber Company.
The company is officially incorporated and its name is changed to Nakanishi Dental Manufacturing.
Upon launching the company’s own brand of products, the NSK mark is engraved onto the company’s products. NSK is an acronym of Nakanishi Shika Kikai in Japanese (Nakanishi Dental Manufacturing).
The world's first air turbine with replaceable cartridges, Pana-Air is released.
Tokyo office is opened in Ueno.
Keiichi Nakanishi is appointed the chairman and Takasuke Nakanishi is appointed the president.
The world's first air turbine with a ring light, "Opticasystem" is released.
The company is reorganized into a corporation and its name is changed to Nakanishi Dental Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Started industrial business as a new business domain.
NSK America Corp. is established in Chicago, USA.
In response to the large increase in exports, a second factory (current B-Wing) is constructed in Shimohinata (location of the current headquarters).
To further increase production, another building (current A-wing) is constructed.
The Clean Head System, the world’s first infection prevention system, is developed and wins the Best Applied Technology Award in the Europe.
A technical center (current C-wing) is constructed at Shimohinata.
The company's name is changed to Nakanishi INC.
Acquisition of quality management certification, ISO9001.
Acquisition of environmental management certification, ISO14001.
Eiichi Nakanishi is appointed the president.
Nakanishi Inc. becomes listed on the JASDAQ on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
NSK Middle East FZCO is established in Dubai, UAE.
New headquarters (current G-wing) is completed at Shimohinata and all departments from the former headquarters in Kamihinata are transferred.
NSK Europe GmbH is established in Frankfurt, Germany.
NSK Shanghai Co., Ltd. is established in Shanghai, China.
NSK France S.A.S. is established in Paris, France.
The CNC factory (current F-Wing) is constructed in Shimohinata.
Started surgical business as a new business domain.
NSK Oceania Pty. Ltd. is established in Sydney, Australia.
NSK Oceania Ltd. is established in Auckland, New Zealand.
NSK United Kingdom Ltd. is established in London, United Kingdom.
NSK RUS LLC is established in Moscow, Russia.
NSK Dental Spain S.A. is established in Madrid, Spain.
NSK Europe GmbH new company building is constructed in the outside Frankfurt, Germany.
NSK Nakanishi Asia Pte. Ltd. is established in Singapore.
NSK America Corp. new company building is constructed in the outside Chicago, USA.
Italian autoclave (steam sterilizer) manufacturer Dental X S.p.A. is acquired.
NSK Dental Korea Co., Ltd. is established in Seoul, Korea.
A new brand slogan, CREAT IT, is established. The new branding is begun.
As a part of the branding, the uniforms at the headquarters factory is redesigned.
Ti-Max Z45L, the world's first contra-angle with 45-degree angle head, wins gold medal at U.S. Edison Awards.
NSK values, Our Core, is spread throughout the company.
NSK Europe GmbH expands its floor space.
Websites and catalogs for its dental businesses win gold, silver, and bronze awards at the 2016 Japan B2B Advertising Awards.
Advertising for its industrial business wins top prize in the creative category at the Nikkei BP Marketing Awards.
New headquarters R&D center “RD1” is built.
RD1 wins the 29th Tochigi Prefecture Marronnier Prize for Architectural Excellence.
The 2017 Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s awards for contribution in development in vocational skills is received.
Selected as a Company Driving Regional Growth by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
"Branding 2.0" Project is started.
New factory “A1” is built.
The Honorary Chairman, Takasuke Nakanishi received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.
Carry out activities to commemorate the company's 88 year anniversary.
Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB, a Swedish manufacturer of dental implant stability measurement devices, is acquired.
NSK MUSEUM Showroom Wins Gold Prize in the Shop Space Category at the Japan Space Design Awards.
Dental X S.p.A., an Italian subsidiary, establishes a sales division for dental products, and its name changes to NSK Dental Italy s.r.l.
Our long-term vision VISION2030 and medium-term management plan NV2025 are announced.
Invests in DCI International, LLC, a U.S. dental chair manufacturer, makes it an affiliate.
NSK Dental Nordic AB is established in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Keiichi Nakanishi, Founder (1930)

Products that were manufactured when Keiichi Nakanishi, founder, started out in business(1930)

Clean Head System (Infection prevention system) (1993)

Public company on “JASDAQ”, Tokyo Stock Exchange (2000)

CNC factory (F-Wing) (2005)

Construction of a company building in Germany (2008)

NSK America company building (2011)

New headquaters and R&D center, “RD1” (2017)

New factory “A1” (2018)